Theresa Hyuna Hwang (she/her)

community-engaged architect + anti-racist design educator

unceded Tongva territory (Los Angeles, CA)


What brought you to Mostly Angels LA?

I met Mostly Angels in two ways. The first time, on the way to a friend’s birthday party, I had a sudden urge to gift her selenite. A quick google search brought up MA. When I arrived, a small handwritten note was taped up saying the owner had an accident and that the shop was temporarily closed. I returned a few months/years/feels like a lifetime later, while I was pregnant. I was exploring new modalities for healing, reassurance that everything was going to be ok. I met Julian and immediately I felt at home. With a piece of aragonite in my palm, I began a journey of self-understanding, reconnection with ancestors and guides, realignment with my physical body, and a practice of deep listening to my own internal way of knowing.

What is your favorite ritual? 

In the past two+ years, I’ve started a series of messy artworks that I call my “Moon Works”. Small collages, weavings, poems, sketches of all forms, to capture intentions with new moons and release tensions with full moons. This has been an exercise in creativity, imperfection, and manifesting my soul’s needs.

Where in LA is your happy place, or feel the most connected?

The Pacific ocean. I have sensed my greatest lessons by the water. Learned the meaning of strength, beauty, worthiness, struggle, joy, impermanence, and complete surrender in the waves and tides. The ocean absorbs all the heartache and provides an endless source of rebirth. I have whispered, shouted, laughed, and wept into the ocean. The ocean never judges and only loves me back. 

How do you define “liberation”?  

Liberation is the ability to be my truest, most unapologetic self. The ability to live out loud, with love + grace. Without judgement, shame, and doubt. To unconditionally love myself and my people, Mother Earth, without fear or anxiety. Liberation is embodied peace, solidity, true love. Liberation is finding and arriving home in each moment.

What does “Go Get Your Blessing” mean to you?

Living an open-hearted life that is receptive to all the love that is looking for me and that I am working towards. It means connecting with the liberation that I long for and leading with my soul’s needs.
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