An exploration of breathwork, reiki, and movement.

Let's be in community + breathe + connect + expand.

Meet the Facilitators

Samantha Williams, she/her

Samantha Williams left her corporate career after burning out in 2018 to co-create We Are All Daughters., A Quantum Holistic Healing Space. And in April 2019, the Woo Knew. Podcast launched, following the transformational journeys of Sam and her business partner, Ellen Wong, as they explore the world of alternative + plant medicine healing.
Through her own healing journey, Sam discovered the power of energy therapy and became an Integrative Energy Practitioner and Reiki Master when she was called to share this gift with the world. Sacred Plant Medicines have also been a deep source of healing on Sam's journey and for those who seek their wisdom, she incorporates Entheogenic medicines in her practice to support the healing journey for others. She also integrates channeled information through spirit guides, spirit animals, archangels, ascended masters, and healing frequencies including Reiki, light codes, color frequencies, angelic and sound healing in her practice. 
Sam is blessed to share these gifts with others, and shes eternally grateful to witness and support all who are on their own paths to healing. Through a practice of honoring the land and our ancestors, may we all reconnect to ourselves and one another. Sam currently practices out of her home in Coachella Valley, CA.
IG @involutionhealing
TanyaMarck Oviedo, they/them
TanyaMarck Oviedo is an intuitive practitioner and wellness facilitator who identifies as a queer, non-binary, native indigenous person of color. Their practice and home are based out of Tongva land (Long Beach, CA). TanyaMarck is the founder of Vamonos, a healing arts practice that’s rooted in curanderismo and  community service. Let’s build community and connect to our systems while we explore + embody wellness through breathwork, energy navigation, mindful movement, mentoring, and integration support.
IG @tanyamarck
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