About Us

We help seekers to create strong spiritual practices by providing accessible tools and education.


The story of Mostly Angels Market began over 30 years ago. Ruth Anaya, a gifted intuitive and artist, decided she no longer wanted to be an artist. She asked for something new to manifest into her life. After a deep sleep she woke up to the words “Mostly Angels!” Trusting her intuition, Ruth embarked on a journey that would blend her artistic talents and spiritual insights, ultimately leading to the creation of Mostly Angels intention candles. The special blend of her art and hand written intentions along with some practical magick started the shop Mostly Angels in 1990.


Over the years, countless patrons have come to the shop looking for something. Not always knowing what they were seeking but they often left with exactly what they needed—be it a candle, a crystal, sage, or some heartfelt advice from Ruth herself.


In October of 2016, Ruth faced health challenges that prevented her from being at the shop full-time. Friends rallied to keep Mostly Angels alive, one of whom was Julian. Initially a customer, Julian’s connection with the shop deepened over the years, evolving into a friendship and eventually leading him to become the shop’s reader. By April 2017, Julian took over as the owner of Mostly Angels, bringing with him a wealth of experience as a photo producer, studio manager, teaching artist, reader, and healing practitioner. Under Julian’s stewardship, the shop flourished, introducing new products, practitioners, workshops, and community events.


In May 2021, Mostly Angels embraced a new chapter, moving entirely online. After some thoughtful reflection, we're excited to share that we've now found a new home in San Francisco at Community Well SF. We'd love for you to join us, whether you connect with us online or visit our space, as we keep nurturing, supporting, and lighting up each other on this path.