The story of Mostly Angels Market began 30 years ago. Ruth Anaya, a gifted intuitive and artist, decided she no longer wanted to be an artist. She asked for something new to manifest into her life. After a deep sleep she woke up to the words “Mostly Angels!” Following her intuition led to the creation of the Mostly Angels intention candles. The special blend of her art and hand written intentions along with some practical magick started the shop Mostly Angels in 1987.

Over the years, countless patrons have come to the shop looking for something. Not always knowing what they wanted, they usually left with something they needed. It was usually a candle, a crystal, sage, or some sound advice from Ruth.

In October of 2016, Ruth was unable to be at the shop full time due to health complications. Some of her friends helped to keep the shop running while she was away. The recovery took longer than expected. One of her friends who kept the shop running was Julian. He began as a customer several years ago, then a friend, and eventually became the shop’s reader.

As of April 2017, Julian took over as the shop owner for Mostly Angels. His background as a photo producer, studio manager, teaching artist, reader and healing practitioner prepared him for this endeavor. He added to this small but mighty shop by bringing in new products, practitioners, workshops, and planning various community events. 

In May of 2021, Mostly Angels has transcended its physical space and is currently living online… Don’t worry the shop has decided to reincarnate into a physical form again, it is just going through it’s life review.