Julian Sambrano

Julian, a San Francisco native, moved to Los Angeles for college but decided to pursue a passion in photography, becoming a skilled studio manager and photographer for over a decade.


In 2010, he had a life-changing experience with the 5 Elements of Mind under the guidance of Leas Maria, a method that explores the intricate interplay between the belief systems of the ego, assumptions of the mental processor, body sensations, emotions, and the knowing of the soul. The session brought him newfound clarity and release, leading him to study with Leas for the next four years.


After Leas passed away in 2014, Julian inherited her work and continued to deepen his knowledge in modalities like the Akashic Records, Energy Healing, Theta Healing, and Cartomancy. With over ten years of experience, Julian's practice remains an evolving journey of growth and refinement.


In 2016, Julian took over as the owner of Mostly Angels Market, where he continues to offer transformative healing and self-exploration. When not working, he enjoys photography, reading comics, and staying active at the gym.