Letting Go of Reality

There are many worlds within this one world and we navigate these worlds on a daily basis. In one world, we are taught that we have pathologies, and that there is always something needing to be healed. In this world, we never reach comfort or happiness because healing becomes an insatiable quest to “fix” ourselves.

In another world, we are inherently whole. We are a part of the ecology of life, and each of us, in any condition, has a vital role on this planet. In this series we will explore our healing paths through a decolonial and ontological lens, in order to see what else is possible than the colonial story of our wellbeing. 

Sign up for the 5-part series ($200) or drop in as desired ($45/class)

Thursdays Sept 13- Oct 15

6-8pm PST 

Via zoom

About Leah Garza

Leah is an LA based Akashic records practitioner, and public scholar. She is currently writing her dissertation on decolonial depth psychology with a focus on ontology. 
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