Christopher Saint (he/him)
artist + activist
Los Angeles, CA

What does spirituality mean to you?  

Spirituality is my personal expression of love. It is the remembrance of my true identity and my connection to a source of love beyond the veil of this world. Spirituality is my intimate connection to my eternal nature of light and love. 

How has spirituality played a part in your life?

Spirituality permeates every aspect of my life… when I’m performing on stage as a music artist or when I’m using my voice and speaking my truth as an activist and entrepreneur. It’s been the guidance to move forward and even in my darkest moments, never give up and have faith. 

Where in LA is your happy place/ do you feel most connected?

My happy place is The Grove. It’s just so LA. The people-watching. The mix of commerce and a “park.” It’s tacky and indulgent and chic in all the best ways possible. It’s a vibe. 

What is your “higher self” mantra?

“You got this BITCH <3”

What does “Go Get Your Blessing” mean to you?

Go get your blessing means claiming all the goodness God and the universe has for you. It’s standing in the fullness of your power and receiving an outpour of love and abundance in any moment. It tells me that love is alive and well around us even when we forget and that hope is a superpower. It’s a gentle reminder from God to choose LOVE over fear. 

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