Valeria Smith (she/her)
Financial Professional
Los Angeles, CA

What brought you to Mostly Angels LA? 

I was looking for a candle shop, and my friend had recommended Mostly Angels as a one stop shop for candles, crystals and readings. 

Where in LA is your happy place/ do you feel most connected? 

Self realization Fellowship Lake Shrine off of Sunset. You'd never think you're in a city, and it's serene.

If your higher self could give you advice what would it tell you right now? 

Everything is temporary, even though living the experience may not seem so. 

Take time to enjoy the ebs and flows of the good and hard times, as they help you evolve into the person you are. And, in the process, be easy on your yourself. The human experience isn't meant to be easy.

Who would be your dream podcast interview to discuss spirituality?  

I definitely think Brian Weiss and Khalil Gibran. I just recently discovered the latter author. The conversation would be called healing in the now, through past life experiences...or something to that nature

What does “Go Get Your Blessing” mean to you? 

Before coming to MA, I always thought blessings were for the self. But, through the classes and readings, I've learned that when you are blessed (not just financially or tangibly speaking), you should share that blessing with others. It's only in the sharing, that you are able to fully enjoy the experience of being blessed in seeing someone elevated in the same way that you have been. And in seeing those around you elevated, is a true's love in a pure form.

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