Here are some books we cited or mentioned in last night’s Decolonial Study Group.

Adopting a decolonial lens allows us to examine critically and question the things we fight for. Even the ways in which we seek justice are colonial.

It’s to uproot everything we know, the familiar, the predictable, the commonplace, to seek out the unnatural ways we have crafted ourselves in the image of the colonizer.

Decolonial Study Group is a space to unpack these ideas together, without the risk of being wrong. We need spaces where we can imperfectly work out our understanding of who we are, our positionality, our resistance and our politics, where we can listen and self reflect and push back critically on others and know we can be in community still.

DSG is also a fundraiser for different organizations. This time we raised $533 for @borderkindness!!!
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