Meet Jaison Perez

Jaison's healing work blends shamanism, herbalism, sacred sound, crystal & flower medicines to help you connect with your personal power. He offers Akashic Record readings and healing work in service of creating a world where you can live your most authentic life, where you can know your power as a tool instead of a weapon, and where your healing leads to the creation of thriving, vibrant communities. 


You know those moments when you've literally been looking up at God and all the Universe for weeks, asking for a sign, a signal, an answered, prayer, anything to get you through those rough moments of doubt and self criticism and everything going wrong - and then it appears? Having a reading with Jaison was that answered prayer for me, after weeks of frustration and rocky roads.

His presence is pure love. And the guidance that came through in my Akashic reading with him could not have been more spot on. It helped me to see that the choices I am making are the right ones. That I have no need to be doubting myself so much. Because everything I am doing is aligned with the path of my destiny.

And what he shared gave me so much to unpack and sit with in terms of everything in my life that I had been questioning. He guided me back to a place of ease and joy and helped relieve so much self inflicted pressure. My favorite thing was when he shared, "They're telling me to let you know that you can do whatever you want. Just do what makes you happy." Tears of gratitude just recalling that.

Thank you so much, Jaison!! You are a true Earth Angel, and I can't express enough gratitude for your guidance and etheric connection.
- Sarah Miller, Yoga Teacher, Los Angeles