Tina Lynch, an actress by profession from an early age, her transition to healer was natural and seamless but, was not part of her plan. Is it ever really? After facing some serious life threatening health challenges and personal trauma, she began a deeper inquiry into several different healing modalities. You name it, she's tried it. The results were astounding. Her own healing path led to a profound desire to serve others facing their own difficulties.

She guides clients by creating a safe space to partner in their healing, transformation, vitality and increased health. Each of us is unique and she intuitively works with a client to facilitate the needed and desired results. Opening a clients Akashic Records informs of energetic blocks to move forward and provide clarity....while using the beautiful Lenormand Oracle in The Akashic Records gives immediate guidance and comfort.

Not only a gifted reader, Tina is also a Holistic Wellness coach and Breathwork practitioner.