The Goddess Within of Mercy + Compassion

The Goddess Within of Mercy + Compassion

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"My ego is stilled as I listen to another, while I seek an avenue to release what they need to hear themself say. I give direction only on request. I also give myself permission to release my emotions as I show mercy and compassion to myself and others."

7-day candle will burn up to 120 hours

Dimensions are 2 1/2 wide and 8 1/8 tall

Ruth Candle Collection / Mostly Angels LA founder, Ruth Anaya, gifted intuitive and artist, decided she no longer wanted to be an artist. She asked for something new to manifest in her life. After a deep sleep, she woke up to the words “Mostly Angels!” Following her intuition led to the creation of the Mostly Angels LA intention candles. The special blend of her art and handwritten intentions along with some practical magick started the shop Mostly Angels in 1987.